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PubWest Opens Peer-to-Peer Free Trial Membership Program to All Publisher Members

Dear PubWest Publishers,

It’s an exciting year for PubWest, what with the brand new PUB501 Summer Sessions, our scheduling shift to February 2015 for our annual conference, and our new spiffy-looking website and weekly e-newsletter.

What hasn’t changed is exciting, too: we still offer great benefits to members, and one of the BEST is the Peer-to-Peer Membership Offer.

I’d love to see our membership grow like never before this year. It seems to me that given the continuing monumental changes in the industry, PubWest has the mandate to substantially increase the networking opportunities we’re known for.

If each PubWest Publisher member could invite one publisher—not now a member, and not previously a member—to join PubWest for one year at no cost, we’ll be busting at our metaphorical seams. Let’s get as many voices involved as possible. Let’s make the PUB501 Summer Sessions and the 2015 PubWest Conference the best-attended ever. Let’s make the publisher phone-in roundtables the talk of the industry. Let’s add more diversity to our membership to include more publishers of fiction, nonfiction, narrative, illustrated books, children’s books, value-added ebooks, and niche-market titles.

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Kent Watson. Otherwise, onward and upward!

All best,

Katie Burke
Vice President of the PubWest Board of Directors