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PubWest Conference 2015: Expand Your Worldview with The Addams Family!

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500The Addams Family (really!) and Renaissance Sessions Will Expand Your Worldview

Plenary Session: “The Addams Family: An Evilution…in Publishing”

Speaker: Kevin Miserocchi, executive director of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

Writer and producer Kevin Miserocchi will discuss his own evolution in guiding the publication of books of Charles Addams’s cartoons. Starting out with one of the New York Big Five, Kevin found the experience frustrating and eventually found his way to a small publisher, where a strong and beneficial collaboration developed. Acutely aware of the important role publishing plays in sustaining the Addams legacy, Kevin also directs the Foundation in broadening the awareness of the artist’s life and work—on Broadway and in film, museum, and community events. Kevin Miserocchi is the executive director of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. As the guardian of the archives of Charles Addams’s inimitable cartoons (including but not limited to The Addams Family ), he has produced books, a Broadway musical, museum exhibitions, community events, and a film (currently in progress), furthering the work of Addams and the Foundation. His experience with expanding the “brand” of Addams includes foreign rights, contracts, working with “creatives,” and initiating all the various venue and media opportunities that keep Addams’s cartoons in the public consciousness.


Morning Renaissance Sessions

These cross-training sessions give you a chance to explore information outside of your specialty. There are two sessions to choose from in each time slot.

Libraries and Technology

Libraries are hubs of technology. Some have created their own solutions to overcome issues with restrictions placed around the lending of ebooks. These solutions use open source software, and apply DRM to titles that they purchase directly from publishers and lend out to participating libraries. It’s a huge change in how publishers work with libraries. Many smaller independent presses love the opportunity to sell directly to libraries, not having to work through a middleman. As a small to medium sized publisher this session will explain how to work closer with libraries and technology. Plus, you will learn how to court the library media trade and target academic libraries with your titles.

Can-Do Technology: Solutions for Better Business Workflow

Even those of us who are doing a good job of organizing—projects, accounts, schedules, finances, you name it—might benefit from the experience of Jeff Stafford. Formerly the general manager of Communication Arts magazine for eight years—and its technology director for nine years prior—he’s well versed in the challenges that computers, employees, and communication can pose. In this session, Stafford will address such issues as:

  • Plan your company’s technical future: Publishers need a forward-thinking technical strategy to succeed. You
  • don’t need to be a techie to know what your IT needs are. Create a plan using simple methods to find solutions for your business objectives.
  • Utilize cloud-based services: From Google Drive to Dropbox, learn how to choose the right ones to meet your needs and budget. Know when it’s best to use online services instead of on-premise software and hardware.
  • Take a crowdsourcing approach to collaboration and productivity in-house: Keeping your staff organized and efficient takes time. Find out how to make the job easier. Create a collaborative environment where communications and information sharing grows organically.
  • Make your systems run better through policies and practices: The more variables there are, the harder it is to solve a problem. Why computer-use policies are needed and how unifying your technology systems can increase efficiency.

Jeff Stafford is a business and technology consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. Formally the technology director and general manager of Communication Arts magazine, Jeff now helps small companies utilize technology to improve just about every aspect of their businesses. A son of a pressman, Jeff started his career as a pre-press consultant, helping publishers adapt to digital systems at the beginning of the desktop publishing era. He went on to co-found Smetts Stafford Media, a design firm specializing in interactive platforms. Jeff has worked with publishers such as Lonely Planet, Ten Speed Press, Yoga Journal and Pomegranate Communications.


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PubWest Opens Registration for 2015 Conference

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500Registration Is Now Open for the 2015 PubWest Conference!

PubWest 2015: Spread the Word
February 5-7, 2015
Westin Pasadena
Pasadena, California

Register by December 15th for 15% off.


From publishing new books, new titles in a series, or e-books, it’s imperative to “Spread the Word.” For each and every conference offering—each keynote, each panel, each intensive session, and each event—spreading the word will be at the forefront.

Program highlights:

Keynotes by Joe Rhode, creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering; Thatcher Wine, founder of Juniper Books; and H. Kevin Miserocchi, executive director at Tee and Charles Addams foundation
Preconference intensive sessions, including “How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights” and “Data Speaks: How to Leverage your Sales Track Record to Sell Your Next Book.”
• An extended publisher/head of house roundtable
Sessions on “Libraries and Technology,” “Getting Organized and Being Efficient,” “How Small/Medium Publishers Can Act Like Big Houses and Turn Self-publishing into an Opportunity not a Threat,” “Direct to Consumer Sales,” “The Business of Creativity,” “Resolving Publishing Legal Questions,” and “Royalties: Best Practices”
Peer-to-peer roundtable discussions for sharing ways to prevail in this transforming industry

• Many networking and social opportunities including the PubWest bowling tournament
• “Speedy Spiels,” where selected attendees/speakers have four minutes to share something they’ve
found to be helpful in their publishing experience.
• WeNote, Not Keynote: An Open Discussion about Publishing Challenges in the Marketplace

Don’t miss PUBWEST 2015 and the opportunity to learn, network, and get energized!


PubWest 2015 Conference logo

Full Conference registration details can be found below:

Westin Pasadena is our host hotel. After registering for PubWest 2015, please book your hotel room at the Westin Pasadena.  Call 800- 937-8461 or book on the Westin Pasadena website. Please make sure and request the PubWest block.  The room rate is $139 per night, plus tax for single, or double occupancy, traditional rooms.  Theses rates will be available three days before and three days after the official conference dates.

We look forward to seeing you at the PubWest 2015 Conference!

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PubWest 2015 Conference Seeks Speakers

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PubWest 2015 Conference: Spread the Word

PubWest is planning its 2015 Conference and invites media professionals to submit proposals for presentations.

What topics interest you?

Do you have speakers you’d like to hear from?

Please email ideas, requests, and presentation proposals to kent@pubwest.org.

2015 PubWest Conference
February 5-7, 2015
Westin Pasadena
Pasadena, California