PubWest 2019 Conference

Thank You for Attending PubWest 2019

La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe

New Mexico, February, 7-9, 2019

Our theme for the conference is “Making Change: Culture, Content, Commerce.” as we all are aware, strategically handling change is key for success. Our passion is driven in the industry through publishing culturally related content that creates commerce. For each and every conference offering—each keynote address, each panel, each intensive session, and each networking event—“Making Change: Culture, Content, Commerce” will be our focus.

~ Program highlights ~

  • Keynote addresses by Chip Kidd, graphic designer at Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, and Lina Khan, academic fellow at Columbia Law School and senior fellow at the Open Markets Institute
  • Preconference intensive sessions (now included with conference registration): “Audiobooks: From Page to Ear” and “Recruiting and Management: Finding and Keeping the Employees You Need”
  • The extended Gibbs Smith Publishers Roundtable
  • Sessions include “Regional and Travel Publishing,” “Beyond the Reading: Events-Based Marketing,” “Examining Editorial Style and Tone,” “The Intricacies of Fonts and Typesetting,” “Finance and Management of Non-Traditional Models,” “Paper, Paper, Paper,” “What’s Your Story? Why Branding is Important for Publishers of Any Size,” “File-Sharing Best Practices,” “Social Justice, Diversity, and Equity: Not Just words, but Deeds,” “Bookselling: Techniques, Tips, and Takeaways ,” “How Can blockchain Help Small to Medium-Sized Publishers?,” “Your Backlist: Sales, Refocusing, Reprints, Authors, Marketing,” and “How to Train Your Author: Investing in Your Authors and Not Just Their Books”
  • Our new Peer Pairs Program: Discuss Publishing Related Issues one-to-one with Your PeersPlus:
  • “Speedy Spiels: How to Get Out of the Weeds”: Four-Minute Presentations Describing How to Manage the Myriad Daily Tasks and Projects that can slow us down. What can you share to help others get out of the weeds?

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We look forward to seeing you at PubWest 2020!