Jack D. Rittenhouse Award

Jack D. Rittenhouse

The Jack D. Rittenhouse Award is given annually at the PubWest Conference. The Rittenhouse Award was established in 1990 as a way to thank and honor those who have made a real contribution to the western community of the book. The award is given annually in memory of Jack D. Rittenhouse, the West’s legendary bookman.


PubWest Announces 2019 Jack D. Rittenhouse to Honor Luis Alberto Urrea

Luis Alberto Urrea (photo by Joe Mazza)

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Nominations are open to publishers, authors, booksellers, sales representatives, librarians, and book designers, as well as anyone who has made a significant and lifelong contribution to the community of the book in the West. The award may be given to a living person or it may be given posthumously. One does not have to be a member of PubWest to be nominated.  The nominee does not have to know they have been nominated, but that is up to the individual nominating the person.

Nominations should clearly state what this person (or persons) have done to fulfill the mission of the award. Please include information about their successes, failures, and efforts to advance the book. List participation in all relevant activities related to books that may be useful in considering a nominee such as writing, editing, selling, publishing, designing, and/or producing books, as well as involvement in book fairs, associations, libraries, board of directors, and the community at large, etc. Also include the age of the nominee if possible or at least an estimate of age, along with a chronology of key dates related to their lifetime efforts.

It is useful to have others who also know the nominee submit supporting endorsements for your nominee. Such endorsements can contain additional and anecdotal information about the nominee.

Companies, businesses, organizations, and associations are not eligible for the Rittenhouse Award. Individuals may not nominate themselves.

All Rittenhouse nominations will be eligible to win for three years after the date of their nomination. If after three years, the person(s) is not selected, they will no longer be considered unless they are nominated again.

See a list of past recipients of the Rittenhouse Award.

Please send nominations to executive director Kent Watson at kent@pubwest.org.