Pub501 Educational Courses

The book publishing industry offers few affordable ways for professionals to acquire new skills: on the job, from a mentor, and PubWest.

Now PubWest is proud to offer PUB501 Educational Courses, a new professional development series for staff with 1-5 years of publishing experience.

Click here to register for the first Pub501 session: The Title Profit & Loss Statement.

PUB501 Title Profit & Loss Course Testimonial
“Where was this course 10 years ago when I wandered into publishing from a brewery?”
This is EXACTLY what I have needed for every stage of the process. I am really excited about taking what I have learned and applying it. I am NOT a numbers person, but this will make me seem like one. The spreadsheet alone that we can download is worth every bit of the cost to take the class. I can hardly wait to meet with my finance director and I’m sort of sad I already did my budgets for 2019. This can help at every stage of the process and I love the idea of having them all to review to see where we can tweak things that might help us become more successful and seeking out efficiencies and opportunities. I should have taken this earlier for sure. Thank you to the team that put this together – can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves next! Count me in to take the next one!