Pub501 Educational Sessions

Pub501 Educational Sessions
Pub501 Educational Sessions

The book publishing industry offers few affordable ways for professionals to acquire new skills: on the job, from a mentor, and PubWest.

Now PubWest is proud to offer PUB501 Educational Sessions, a new professional development mini-Conference for staff with 1-5 years of publishing experience. PUB501 alum will conclude the Summer Sessions more knowledgeable and more valuable to their publisher employers, returning to the office with specific new skills and techniques they can apply every day to make and sell better books.

Please check back as PubWest will be offering new Pub501 programming in the future!


Programming Overview

DAY ONE: The Big Picture, Book Production Tour, Topical Intensives, PUB411, Open Happy Hour: In the first session, veteran panelists will present The Big Picture, an overview each of publishing’s four core functions and the interplays and tensions between them. A lunch speaker will offer a virtual tour of a book production facility, from prepress to shipping. During the afternoon intensive, expert presenters will lead registrants through a deep exploration of one topic in either Acquisitions, Production/Design, or Sales/Marketing. The session will close with a one-hour plenary called PUB411, where real-life workplace problems will be presented and discussed in an open discussion. Then PUB501 will break for a nearby networking and social event to which all publishing professionals are invited.

DAY TWO: Hands-On Cross training: This morning, PUB501 will divide into small “publishing houses,” each of which will tackle the same timeline of tasks, from author proposal, through contracting, production, marketing, sales, and subrights. Bring a laptop: materials will be supplied via Dropbox and flash drives. PubWest staff will mentor each group, and at the close of the session, the group will assess each company’s confidence in producing a successful title.

The PubWest PUB501 Educational Sessions are sponsored by:


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