Pub501 Educational Courses


The book publishing industry offers few affordable ways for professionals to acquire new skills: on the job, from a mentor, and PubWest.

Now PubWest is proud to offer PUB501 Educational Courses, a new professional development series for staff with 1-5 years of publishing experience.

Two Pub501 courses are currently available: Distribution and The Title Profit & Loss Statement.

All courses are $200 each and offer lifetime access to the materials and updates.

Finding the correct book Distribution for your small to medium-sized press is key to the success of the company.

This course details five key ways to move your books to the marketplace including: direct distribution, direct distribution using a fulfillment house, trade publishers that offer distribution, distribution using a full-service book distributor, and international and special sales distribution.

This self-paced informative course provides key detailed videos, links to online resources, a cost calculator, a list of US book distribution companies, white papers detailing the best practices book distribution, and more.

The Title P&L (Profit & Loss) Statement is a spreadsheet that actively models the impact of different factors (pricing, costs, quantity, etc.) on a title’s potential profitability. Only in use for the past two decades, the Title P&L has become one of the most useful tools across the publishing spectrum, and a building block for successful publishing finances. In these times of shrinking margins and higher costs, not using P&Ls can actually put your house at risk.

In this course, you will learn how the Title P&L can help your house choose acquisitions more wisely, make editorial, creative and production decisions more wisely and ensure the books your publish have the greatest chance of contributing to your house’s profit.

With illustrated videos, sample spreadsheets, and free specialty templates to choose from, you will get a first-hand look at how powerful the P&L is, and how you can create (or improve) P&Ls specifically for your needs.

You will learn:

  • how P&Ls provide a basic tool, especially for acquisition;
  • how the various parts of the P&L are created and by whom;
  • how changes to the P&L affect profitability;
  • what are the drivers of contribution to profit;
  • about the 4 stages of the P&L (Editorial Acquisition, Development, Final Projection, Publisher), and how each stage works, and
  • how to make the P&L relevant to the different stakeholders within your publishing house.

Finally, you’ll be able to choose from and modify exclusive P&L templates to use in your publishing house or improve on the one you are already using.

After taking The Title P&L, you have the knowledge to use this powerful and single modeling tool against which all options and decisions along the publishing path can be tested. You will watch your title profitability rise, and your risks fall.

PUB501 Title Profit & Loss Course Testimonial
“Where was this course 10 years ago when I wandered into publishing from a brewery?”
This is EXACTLY what I have needed for every stage of the process. I am really excited about taking what I have learned and applying it. I am NOT a numbers person, but this will make me seem like one. The spreadsheet alone that we can download is worth every bit of the cost to take the class. I can hardly wait to meet with my finance director and I’m sort of sad I already did my budgets for 2019. This can help at every stage of the process and I love the idea of having them all to review to see where we can tweak things that might help us become more successful and seeking out efficiencies and opportunities. I should have taken this earlier for sure. Thank you to the team that put this together – can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves next! Count me in to take the next one!