A diverse panel of interdisciplinary judges will review each submission. Judges will be selected from industry professionals with book design and production expertise.

Entries will be judged on format, layout, typography, jacket, materials, and production quality. Judges are presented with uniform criteria for evaluating each category and provide a numerical rating based on the perspective of the judge’s individual discipline. Apps and eBooks will be judged on a variety of devices includes iPad, Nook, and Kindle eReaders.

Judges reserve the right to select the Judges’ Choice award at their sole discretion.


A pool of finalist entries for each of the categories will be determined, from which three levels of awards may be chosen (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Publishers will be notified after completion of the final judging. Winning entries may be displayed at regional and national trade shows and other events throughout the year by PubWest. Press releases will be sent to the regional and trade press.

Please contact the PubWest office for information about this event: pubwest1{at}gmail.com