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Sara Suttle

I’m looking for an employment opportunity in the book publishing field. I’m a graphic designer specialized in editorial design with two Bachelors’–one in English and the other in Graphic Design. I’ve designed magazines, manuals, books, handbooks, newsletters, and the like, and worked for both the government and nonprofits.

Your Name: Sara Suttle
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Your Phone: 703.464.7338
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Job Titles You Seek: Book/Publications Designer
Your Statement:I have an excellent visual eye, a strong background in art and design, and an avid interest in literature and education. I am a motivated and creative individual with publication design experience that possesses strong skills in design, layout, typography, and time-management. I have carried out a wide range of responsibilities designing, conceptualizing, and managing the creation of high-quality publications. I have also created illustrations that set visual communications apart.


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