Sponsored Donations

Thomson-Shore has been a big supporter of PubWest and its mission of Helping Publishers Succeed. PubWest has made its members smarter, made them wiser, and made them more fun to work with. When the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship was created, we immediately saw how it would bring in new talent to the PubWest community. Thomson-Shore fully supports the scholarship and wants to help make sure it exists for future publishers. To this end…

Thomson-Shore wants to offer three ways for PubWest members to earn money for the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship Fund.

1) We will make a $100 contribution to PubWest for each new offset title a PubWest publisher sends to Thomson-Shore for printing.
2) For any new digital title printed by Thomson-Shore we will donate $50 to the Scholarship Fund.
3) Additionally, we extend these offers to any designer who recommends a non-PubWest publisher to print with Thomson-Shore.

When you send a print project to us, make sure we know you are a PubWest member and we’ll take care of the rest. It is our pleasure to be able to participate in helping to fund the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship.


Once PubWest reaches its goal of $5000 during the Next Generation Campaign, Ingram Content Group will match with another $5000.
Please contribute right away so we can reach this important milestone.

Dave Raymond
Dexter, Michigan

Dear Dave and the entire staff at Thomson-Shore,

Thank you for your generous donations to the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship. PubWest is working hard to support a new generation of publishing professionals, and the strength of the scholarship is an important component of our work. We have been able to bring some very bright and promising people to the PubWest Conference, and each of them has been able to use the knowledge and connections they gain to improve the companies they are working for.

Starting this year, we hope to increase the number of Jack W. Swanson Scholarship recipients, and each one of your donations will allow us to do this. I can only imagine how big this can grow if other associate members match your offer. I suspect other printers may follow your example, and it will be fun to see how the designers, freelance editors, the distributors, and all the other vendor types will come up with a donation plan. I personally hope we can start inviting five scholarship recipients every year to Conference!

As we succeed in bringing in new talent, the publishing world will expand. And a new generation of publishers will emerge. Having new publishers means more printing, and we’ll be sure Thomson-Shore is on their short list of vendors. Thanks, again.



Bill Fessler

President of the Board of Directors