Spread the Word! You’re Invited to the 2015 PubWest Conference!

Pasadena, California is the sunny, lovely host city for the 2015 PubWest Conference, our first Conference to take place during the winter months. Get away from the February gloom and get fired up about the 2015 publishing year. Join us!

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Pasadena is a wonderful mid-size city tucked between Los Angeles and the stunning San Gabriel Mountains. Pasadena has it all, from world-class art (the Norton Simon, the Huntington, the Pacific Asia) to world-class smarts (Caltech, JPL, Art Center College of Design). Pasadena is home to the Rose Bowl, an incredible collection of Arts & Crafts architecture, two famous flea markets, and the historic Vroman’s Bookstore. That there are more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city makes the nightlife sensational. Now consider the great hiking, shopping, and theater and you’ll understand why PubWest chose Pasadena to host its 2015 Conference!

The PubWest 2015 Conference theme is “Spread the Word.”

As we all are aware, getting the word out on any new publishing project is the key to success. From publishing new books, new titles in a series, or ebooks, it’s imperative to “Spread the Word.” For each and every conference offering—each keynote, each panel, each intensive session, and each event—spreading the word will be at the forefront.

It’s time to get away from daily office distractions and join publishing professionals from throughout North America for an incredible three-day book-publishing immersion program.

Whether you are a longtime publishing professional or new to book publishing, fresh ideas and information abound as our dynamic industry continues to evolve and as technology further advances. Publishers will gain critical insights for navigating and thriving in our industry as it experience monumental changes in print and electronic workflow.

Take a closer look at all the 2015 PubWest Conference programming, schedules, speakers, and pricing here.

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