Our 2018 theme is “Raising Voices: Creating a Vibrant Publishing Future.” To be successful in publishing new books, new titles in a series, or ebooks, “Raising Voices” is an imperative: our content must be fresh and diverse, our publishing missions need to be understood, and our marketing efforts have to be seen and heard. For every segment of conference’s schedule-each keynote, each panel, each intensive session, and each event-our theme will be at the forefront.
Get away from daily office distractions and connect with publishing professionals from throughout North America for an incredible three-day book publishing immersion program. Whether you are a longtime publishing professional or a rookie, you’ll benefit from sharing fresh ideas and gaining critical insights for navigating and thriving in our industry as it experiences monumental changes in print and electronic workflow.
* Keynotes by: 
Becky Brasington Clark, Director of the Library of Congress Publishing Office
Chris Finan, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship
Lisa Lucas, Executive Director of the National Book Foundation
Lian and Liz Dolan of the Satellite Sisters
* Preconference intensive sessions:
Get Discovered: How to Increase Your Online Presence
Beyond the Boilerplate: Contracting Books to Optimize Subsidiary Rights and Protect
Your Investment
* The extended Gibbs Smith Publishers Roundtable 
* Program sessions:
Optimizing Top Accounts
How Can Editors Build Sustainable, Effective Virtual Project Teams
The Ever-Shrinking First Printing
When Money is Raising the Red Flag: Listening to Your Finance Department
Special Isn’t Special (Sales) Anymore
Getting the Manuscripts You Want
Engaging with Your Community
How to Speak Design for Non-designers
* Peer-to-peer roundtable discussions
* The PubWest Spelling Bee and Trivia Night
*”Speedy Spiels: Technology Hacks”: Four-minute presentations describing techno-tips that have proved to be time savers . . . or mind savers.
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