PubWest Conference 2015: Find Your Niche on Saturday Afternoon

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500Finding Your Niche and a Variety of Renaissance Sessions

Luncheon Plenary: “Finding a Niche in the Book Business No One Knew Existed”

Presenter: Thatcher Wine, Founder Juniper Books

The book world is full of possibilities and there is no one “right” way to run a bookstore or sell books online. When Thatcher started out in the book business thirteen years ago, he didn’t have a master plan to do all the things Juniper Books does with books today. It’s been an evolution driven by a creative desire to do things that that world has never seen before combined with wanting to be successful and provide products that customers really want, need and are willing to pay for! Thatcher will talk about his experiences creating a variety of niche book products for non-traditional niche markets over the years and how overall success is all about being creative and listening to customers and the marketplace.

Afternoon Renaissance Sessions

These cross-training sessions give you a chance to explore information outside of your specialty. There are two sessions to choose from in each time slot.

The Self-Publishing Opportunity for Publishers

Bowker says self-published print and ebook titles have grown over 400% in the past 5 years, contributing 458,000 new titles in 2013. Most of these books won’t sell more than 250 copies, but this fertile ground of nascent authors and new ideas is rich with opportunity for nimble small publishers. This session will explore ways to hire self-published authors and turn their pet project into a discoverable, sellable title that can add to your established publishing program. An experience panel including an acquisitions editor, author agent, sales and marketing pro, a blogger, and an author will present each angle of this new source of authors and content. Just as the Big Houses have turned to recruiting self-published authors, smaller publishers can turn this industry shift into an opportunity instead of a threat to their business model.

New Ways to Sell to Your Readers

Selling your books directly to your consumers is a highly profitable sales channel that decreases your reliance on increasingly powerful retailers. By owning your own customer list, you can promote titles and authors based on customers’ interests. This panel discussion will feature three new DTC service providers that boast unique ways to reach consumers, raise revenue, increase profit, and build your customer list.

Hollywood Stars Game Showdown

Did you visit all of the PubWest 2015 exhibitors and collect your Hollywood Star stickers? Now compete for a chance to win a free PubWest 2016 conference registration, as well as many other prizes donated by the vendors!

Plenary: The Business of Creativity

Publishing is a highly creative business. We all work with creative authors and others to produce one of a kind original publishing projects. How can we find ways to reinvent, reconfigure, and redraw the creative process that can bring us to our best? From the first word, to editing, to design and production, to publicity, marketing, and sales…the ineffable must be conjured, and the artful transmission to bring a book to its moment of publication is to be regarded as a journey of dedication and triumph.

Speedy Spiels (plenary)

Expeditious expositions, brief brainstorms, the buzz in brief, spilling the beans, little low downs, lively low downs, short and to the point, short and sweet, in a nutshell, light bulbs and sparks, four-minute morsels. We’ve all heard the proverb that the best things come in small packages. It follows that thought-provoking viewpoints and shared experience can be the most valuable when presented concisely. “Speedy Spiels” is lively, engaging, and chock-full of useful information—not to mention a boatload of fun!

Chistopher Kenneally of Copyright Clearance Center will moderate this second edition PubWest session will feature nine speakers; each will have a maximum of four minutes to share something they’ve found helpful in their publishing experience. A range of subjects is bound to be explored: acquisitions, editing, design, marketing, sales, finance, and management. The topics might include such tidbits as a new trick that saves time when editing a manuscript online, a creative way to handle a challenging writer, a marketing campaign that had surprising results, or a personal story about a rewarding publishing career. If you would like to participate, please send your name and four-minute topic to Kent ( at PubWest by Friday January 2, 2014. Once all submissions are received, the conference committee will review the speakers and suggested topics. The committee will determine the speaker order and tell speakers when in the lineup they will present. A PowerPoint projector will be available, and each speaker can provide up to two PowerPoint slides for their four-minute spiel.

Annual PubWest Party

An evening to unwind and spend time sharing insights gained from the previous three days. Join us for a dinner buffet and live music by Brazilian guitarist Capital Guitar. Don’t miss this last chance to connect with fellow conference attendees and relax before returning to the office. We thank Ingram Content Group for sponsoring the party!


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