Jack W. Swanson Scholarship Next Generation Campaign

PubWest launches GoFundMe campaign to support the next generation of publishing professionals

PubWest announced today that it is launching a GoFundMe “Next Generation Campaign” to raise money for the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship to help aspiring publishers thrive in the publishing industry. The “Next Generation Campaign” GoFundMe site is now live and can be accessed at https://www.gofundme.com/PubWestNextGeneration. PubWest’s goal is to raise enough funds for the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship to send five scholarship recipients to the annual Conference in Pasadena on February 15–17, 2018. Donations of any size are welcomed.

“PubWest firmly believes in the future of publishing, and as a long-standing trade association, one of our central roles is to promote publishing as a lifelong profession,” said Kent Watson, Executive Director of PubWest. Since 2013, PubWest has sponsored the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship, which is designed to bring book publishing interns or first- and second-year publishing-house employees, free of charge, to the PubWest annual Conference to network and learn from other publishing professionals and well-known keynote speakers. PubWest has named this year’s fundraising drive the Next Generation Campaign. “The career trajectory of past scholarship recipients has been incredible, and this year we decided to extend our fundraising outreach to all industry professionals who want to support the next publishing generation,” added Watson.

“In 2014 I transitioned from a career in nonprofit management and fundraising into a new line of work—publishing. I did everything I could to learn about publishing: I read books, took online classes, talked with people I knew in the business—and then I found PubWest,” said Sarah Gorecki from Sounds True. “As a Swanson Scholarship recipient, I was able to attend the annual conference and once there I made friends who were also holding down a one-person publishing shop. I met other publishing professionals who I could call on as mentors. I attended useful conference sessions, which helped me do my job better. In short, I found a community. I’m now working as a managing editor at a larger publishing company (Sounds True, Inc.) and running a small editorial freelance business (Outdoor Prose, LLC) in my spare time. PubWest—and the Jack W. Swanson scholarship—helped me to get here! I’m thrilled to now be a board member of PubWest and helping to raise funds so that other young publishers can benefit from the PubWest Conference.”

“I had been searching for an organization like PubWest for a long time, and being part of PubWest has made all the difference for me as an academic and the owner of a small publishing company,” said Rachel Noorda, co-founder and Editorial Director of ThunderStone Books. “Because of the Jack W. Swanson Scholarship, I forged academic connections that also led to being offered a full-time position as a Senior Instructor in book publishing at Portland State University. In PubWest, I found a community of book publishers who were willing and able to support each other, particularly in extending kindness and wisdom to the owner of a small, young company. From the inspiring and witty keynotes to the eye-opening and detail-oriented workshops, I came away from my inaugural PubWest conference with new ideas and relationships that continue to impact my company and academic career,” added Noorda.

Jack W. Swanson was passionate about publishing—and railroads. He and his wife, Doris, started their regional house Rail Ventures Publishing in 1982. Their lead title, also titled Rail Ventures, featured a mile-by-mile travelogue of every major passenger rail route in North America. Its seventh and last edition was published in 1996 by Travis Ilse Publishers. Swanson died in 1997.

The Jack W. Swanson Scholarship was originally funded in 2013 from the sale of rights from Rail Ventures and by private donations from PubWest members. The scholarship covers full conference tuition, travel, lodging, conference intensives, and other optional events. Mark Ouimet is a member of the PubWest Board of Directors who is spearheading the fundraising efforts. “I have been incredibly lucky to spend my entire working career in the book and publishing industry,” said Mark Ouimet, Vice President and General Manager of Ingram Publisher Services, Publishers Group West and Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, “and by serving on the PubWest Board of Directors and helping to promote the Jack W. Swanson ‘Next Generation Campaign’, I have a unique opportunity to support other aspiring publishers as they gain a foothold in this unique industry.”

Please donate now by clicking on this link https://www.gofundme.com/PubWestNextGeneration.

To learn more about the Jack W. Swanson scholarship, click here.