Hollywood Stars and Unholy Rollers: PubWest’s 2015 Conference Opening Evening

PubWest 2015 Conference logo

Take a look at the PubWest Conference Opening Night Festivities

The Evening of Thursday, February 5

Opening Reception

Join us at the Westin Pasadena for the Opening Reception! The President and Executive Director will offer their awards to members that have helped PubWest in 2014, then they’ll introduce our spirited new Hollywood Stars Game!

PubWest Bowling Tournament

Following the reception, we hope you’ll enjoy some friendly competition during the PubWest Bowling Tournament, sponsored by Thomson-Shore, Inc. This tourney is limited to 48 and will be held at a nearby old-school bowling alley that’s sure to inspire nostalgia. All skill levels are welcome and less experienced bowlers will be paired with veteran rollers.


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