GET INTENSE! Preview the 2015 PubWest Conference Intensives

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500The 2015 Conference Intensives: Movie Rights, Sales Data, and a Meeting for Heads of House

Thursday February 5: Intensives

This week, we offer a preview of the pre-Conference Intensive sessions which will be offered all afternoon on Thursday, February 5.

How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights

Many publishers have that one book that they know could become a major Hollywood movie, or television series. But, how do you sell it to a studio? And, how do you sell the foreign rights for your books? Many in publishing call these sales “found money.” Find out how the entire system works in this fun, informative, and intensive session taught by industry professionals.

Data Speaks: How to Leverage Your Sales Track Record to Sell Your next Book

As an industry professional, predicting the sales for upcoming titles can be a very tricky game. This game often involves weighing the data against sales expectations and hoping for the best outcome. So, what is the secret to projecting the sales of your next title? How can the author’s sales record, good competitive title data, and other factors help your sales? In this sales and marketing intensive learn from industry experts on the best way to target the sales for your next titles and increase income.

Publishers Roundtable

Publishers and heads of houses are invited to attend this extended publishers roundtable, designed to give publishers ample time to engage in smart, open-forum discussion on the ever-changing landscape of publishing. Share challenges, explore a range of topics, and exchange valuable information with your peers. Attendance is limited to publishers and heads of house. No cost for publishers or heads of houses. Moderator: Katie Burke, Pomegranate Communications

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