Best Practices Survey

We are excited to present you with an updated PubWest Best Practices Survey! This is not your typical publishing industry survey. For starters, we’re interested in capturing data about PubWest’s base-that is, small- and medium-sized book publishers. We’ve also created a survey that won’t require you to look up any spreadsheets or add up any figures. Instead, we believe the most useful information in any survey of the publishing industry is found in the responses to open-ended questions.
A link to the survey is provided here; please complete the form online and submit it by November 16, 2017.
All survey responses will be anonymous, and the information you provide will not be shared outside of this survey. You can opt out of any question. When we share the results, we will use your answers about net sales and the categories in which you publish, for example, to inform our analysis of different parts of our complex industry. We will also share verbatim responses to many open-ended questions, which we hope will stimulate new ideas among PubWest publisher members. We also look forward to sharing with you the data we gather on such topics as average salaries for various job titles.
Thanks in advance for the time you take out of your busy day to complete this survey. Next year it will be even more efficient, because we’ll reissue the survey with this year’s responses in place-making it easy for you to update your answers as necessary-along with a new section for more specific, timely inquiries. We hope the PubWest Best Practices Survey will become a regular and valued part of the services PubWest offers its publisher members.


Portland State University and Ooligan Press will be the third-party collector and analyzer of the PubWest Best Practices Survey. Data from the survey will be analyzed and then released back to PubWest members to further gauge and inform publishing practice.