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PubWest 2016: A Passion for Books

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The PubWest Conference 2016 was held February 4–6, 2016 at the La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The conference “A Passion for Books” offered four keynotes, three intensive sessions, and ten dynamic sessions all focused on making publishing more profitable.

Program Highlights:

  • Keynotes by Kristen Gilligan and Len Vlahos, the new owners of the Tattered Cover Bookstore; Natalie Elliot, PhD, Saint John’s College (Santa Fe, NM); Jim Childs, publisher at Rowman & Littlefield’s Globe Pequot, Lyons Press, and Falcon Guides; and Mira Jacob, author of The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing, who recently delivered the groundbreaking talk entitled “I Gave A Speech About Race to the Publishing Industry and No One Heard Me.”
  • Preconference intensive sessions, included “The Future of Your House: Mergers, Acquisitions, & Sales,” and “Workflow Strategies and Tools: Moving Beyond E-mail and Word.”
  • An extended publisher and head of house roundtable.
  • Sessions on “Publicity: What Moves the Sales Needle for Publishers,” “Fact Checking and Plagiarism,” “RGB vs. CMYK and Other Issues in Producing Accurate Color,” “Managing Your Pre-orders—Predict your First 90 Day Sales,” “Research in Contemporary Book Publishing,” “Best Marketing Strategies for Sending Metadata,” and “No ‘ME’ in TEAM.”
  • Peer-to-peer roundtable discussions for sharing ways to prevail in this transforming industry.

Plus, this year:

  • A tamale-making competition!
  • “Speedy Spiels,” where selected attendees and speakers have four minutes to share something they’ve found to be helpful in their publishing experience.
  • Interactive Game: “Art & Artists.”

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PubWest 2015: Spread the Word

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From publishing new books, new titles in a series, or e-books, it’s imperative to “Spread the Word.” For each and every conference offering—each keynote, each panel, each intensive session, and each event—spreading the word was at the forefront.

Program Highlights:

  • Keynotes by Joe Rohde, creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering; Thatcher Wine, founder of Juniper Books; and H. Kevin Miserocchi, executive director at Tee and Charles Addams foundation
  • Preconference intensive sessions, including “How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights” and “Data Speaks: How to Leverage your Sales Track Record to Sell Your Next Book.”
  • An extended publisher/head of house roundtable
  • Sessions on “Libraries and Technology,” “Getting Organized and Being Efficient,” “How Small/Medium Publishers Can Act Like Big Houses and Turn Self-publishing into an Opportunity not a Threat,” “Direct to Consumer Sales,” “The Business of Creativity,” “Resolving Publishing Legal Questions,” and “Royalties: Best Practices”
  • Peer-to-peer roundtable discussions for sharing ways to prevail in this transforming industry
  • Many networking and social opportunities including the PubWest bowling tournament
  • “Speedy Spiels,” where selected attendees/speakers have four minutes to share something they’ve found to be helpful in their publishing experience.
  • WeNote, Not Keynote: An Open Discussion about Publishing Challenges in the Marketplace


PubWest 2013: The Innovative Publisher

Small and medium publishers experiment in ways that big houses aren’t able to. The PubWest 2013 Conference explored these possibilities.

Special guests this year included acclaimed designer Todd Oldham, John Rubin of Edelweiss/Above the Treeline,’s Anne Marie Concepcion, Phil Ollila of Ingram Content Group, Susan Reich of PGW, Steve Piersanti of Berrett-Koehler, Jen Bilik of Knock Knock Stuff, and Gus Gostyla of Inkling.

Program Highlights:

    • Keynotes from Steve Piersanti of Berrett-Koehler, Jen Bilik of Knock Knock Stuff, Nadine Vassallo of BISG, and Gus Gostyla of Inkling
    • Intensive sessions including Re-imaginging Ink-on-Paper Books by acclaimed designer Todd Oldham and Face to Face, Screen to Screen: The New Interface Between Buyers and Sellers
    • Sessions on editorial and InDesign workflow, house brand style, financial health, selling narrative and fiction, how to get effective book reviews, outsourcing publisher services, and reader behavior trends from BISG and Nielsen
    • Peer-to-Peer Roundtables to discuss current events, emerging trends, and new tactics in each of publishing’s four functions
    • Speedy Spiels: 12, four-minute presentations from publishers and associates on valuable lessons learned in publishing

Conference Keynote: Steve Piersanti of Berrett-Koehler
How to Succeed by Innovating in Every Area of Your Business: What Small and Medium-Sized Publishers Can Do
Steve Piersanti of Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Friday, November 8th, 2013
La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe NM

PubWest 2012: Publishing’s New Model

New publishing models have never been more critical to book publishers. Whether you are a new or seasoned publishing professional, PubWest brings together fresh ideas and information and helps bridge the gap between the challenges and their solutions. At the 2012 PubWest Conference, publishers gained critical insight to help navigate and thrive as technology advances and the industry experiences monumental change.

Program Highlights:

  • Keynotes from Oren Teicher of the American Booksellers Association (his speech), Otis Chandler of Goodreads (his speech and his presentation), and Len Vlahos of the Book Industry Study Group (his speech and his presentation)
  • Intensive sessions: Metadata Makeover with Patricia Payton from Bowker and Monetizing Social Media with Steve Koenig from HarperCollins
  • Sessions including the Future of Distribution, New Indexing in e-books, Creating Irresistible Covers, Calculating Title P&Ls, Content and Copyright in New Media, Multiplatform Bookselling at Barnes & Noble, Designing from Page to Screen, Libraries to Car Washes: New Sales Channels, New Ways to Use Content, Blockbuster Movies and Indie Bands: How Publishing Builds an Audience
  • Peer-to-Peer Roundtables to discuss developments, trends, and lessons learned

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