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2015 PubWest Conference Keynotes and Peer-to-Peer Sessions

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500Friday Morning is packed with quality programming. Check it out!

Friday Morning, February 6

After a casual walk/run around Pasadena hosted by VeloPress, the 2015 PubWest Conference programming begins!


Keynote: “Narrative, Theme, and Environment: Building Story in the Physical World”

Speaker: Joe Rohde, creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

Joe Rohde is a Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, California. Imagineering is the creative arm of the Walt Disney Company that designs and builds everything from cruise ships, theme parks, rides and attractions, hotels and infrastructure systems for the company’s theme parks and resorts worldwide. Joe is a veteran of more than thirty years with the company, starting his career as a model designer on Epcot, and continuing with projects at Disneyland Park in California, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris Resort. Joe led the team that conceptualized, designed, and built Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. He continues today to oversee new attractions for that park, including the new Avatar project scheduled to open in 2017, and is also responsible for the creative design and content of Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, at Ko Olina, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i.


Peer-to-Peer Sessions

Effective Communication Between Editorial and Sales & Marketing

Communication is the key ingredient in running a successful publishing company. Great communication between editorial and sales & marketing can lead to higher sales, happier authors, and a well-informed staff. What are the keys to improving communication between these two departments? When issues arise between the departments how should they be addressed? How can an effective process and workflow help to support communication among departments? This informative session will explore practical solutions and share strategies and tips for overcoming challenges, improving collaboration, and building trust across departments.

Book Printing—Keep it Simple

Book printing is more art than science, but it need not be challenging. Learn from two book printers how they define print-ready files and how you can get the most for your printing dollar with a minimal amount of effort.

Royalty Programs and Software

Still doing your book royalties manually on a spreadsheet? Learn about the advanced software solutions from royalty tracking to reporting and payment. The new royalty software solutions are designed for compatibility with multiple industries: book publishing, music recording, life sciences, and others, ensuring complete control and maximum profit from your licensing agreements. Learn how software is designed with the power and flexibility to meet the royalty needs of your organization, enabling you to generate royalty statements quickly and efficiently. Small or large, your publishing house will find services tailored to your needs that can handle royalty rules from simple to highly complex. Statements clearly show print royalties, ebook royalties, and earned subsidiary rights income for each title. Advances, reserve against returns, and adjustments are all easy for you and your authors to see and understand using advanced software. Learn how your distributors or your own daily sales data can be fed into the royalty system automatically.

Resolving Publishing Legal Questions

Publishers encounter common publishing legal questions, which require evaluation and practical solutions for resolution. These include: questions that are central to a publisher’s content acquisition and editorial processes, about author and freelance contracts; copyrights and clearances; trademarks and fair use; manuscript acceptability; and interior and exterior cover matter. In this content-packed session, we will discuss questions we’ve encountered in these areas, related legal principles, and how we evaluate and recommend solutions for resolution.

Take a closer look at all the 2015 PubWest Conference programming, schedules, speakers, and pricing here.

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Hollywood Stars and Unholy Rollers: PubWest’s 2015 Conference Opening Evening

PubWest 2015 Conference logo

Take a look at the PubWest Conference Opening Night Festivities

The Evening of Thursday, February 5

Opening Reception

Join us at the Westin Pasadena for the Opening Reception! The President and Executive Director will offer their awards to members that have helped PubWest in 2014, then they’ll introduce our spirited new Hollywood Stars Game!

PubWest Bowling Tournament

Following the reception, we hope you’ll enjoy some friendly competition during the PubWest Bowling Tournament, sponsored by Thomson-Shore, Inc. This tourney is limited to 48 and will be held at a nearby old-school bowling alley that’s sure to inspire nostalgia. All skill levels are welcome and less experienced bowlers will be paired with veteran rollers.


Take a closer look at all the 2015 PubWest Conference programming, schedules, speakers, and pricing here.

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GET INTENSE! Preview the 2015 PubWest Conference Intensives

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500The 2015 Conference Intensives: Movie Rights, Sales Data, and a Meeting for Heads of House

Thursday February 5: Intensives

This week, we offer a preview of the pre-Conference Intensive sessions which will be offered all afternoon on Thursday, February 5.

How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights

Many publishers have that one book that they know could become a major Hollywood movie, or television series. But, how do you sell it to a studio? And, how do you sell the foreign rights for your books? Many in publishing call these sales “found money.” Find out how the entire system works in this fun, informative, and intensive session taught by industry professionals.

Data Speaks: How to Leverage Your Sales Track Record to Sell Your next Book

As an industry professional, predicting the sales for upcoming titles can be a very tricky game. This game often involves weighing the data against sales expectations and hoping for the best outcome. So, what is the secret to projecting the sales of your next title? How can the author’s sales record, good competitive title data, and other factors help your sales? In this sales and marketing intensive learn from industry experts on the best way to target the sales for your next titles and increase income.

Publishers Roundtable

Publishers and heads of houses are invited to attend this extended publishers roundtable, designed to give publishers ample time to engage in smart, open-forum discussion on the ever-changing landscape of publishing. Share challenges, explore a range of topics, and exchange valuable information with your peers. Attendance is limited to publishers and heads of house. No cost for publishers or heads of houses. Moderator: Katie Burke, Pomegranate Communications

Take a closer look at all the 2015 PubWest Conference programming, schedules, speakers, and pricing here.

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Glitz and Glamour: Check Out PubWest’s 2015 Conference Program Highlights

Take a look at this new slate of speakers with the 2015 Conference Overview

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500The 2015 PubWest Conference takes advantage of its location in sunny Pasadena, California, which is home to many bright minds in the Hollywood film industry. Here are just a few program highlights from a thought-provoking slate of presentations.

Keynotes by

  • Joe Rhode, creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering;
  • Thatcher Wine, founder of Juniper Books; and
  • Kevin Miserocchi, executive director at Tee and Charles Addams foundation

Preconference intensive sessions including

  • How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights
  • Data Speaks: How to Leverage your Sales Track Record to Sell Your Next Book

Roundtables for publishers, sales/marketing, and editorial professionals

Sessions on:

  • Libraries and Technology
  • Getting Organized and Being Efficient
  • The Self-Publishing Opportunity for Publishers
  • Direct to Consumer Sales
  • The Business of Creativity
  • Resolving Publishing Legal Questions
  • Royalties: Best Practices


  • Numerous networking and social events like the PubWest Bowling Tournament
  • Speedy Spiels, a thought-provoking, fast-paced set of presentations on lessons learned
  • WeNote, Not Keynote: An Open Discussion about Publishing Challenges in the Marketplace

Take a closer look at all the 2015 PubWest Conference programming, schedules, speakers, and pricing here.

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PubWest Opens Registration for 2015 Conference

PubWest 2015 Conference logo 400 x 500Registration Is Now Open for the 2015 PubWest Conference!

PubWest 2015: Spread the Word
February 5-7, 2015
Westin Pasadena
Pasadena, California

Register by December 15th for 15% off.


From publishing new books, new titles in a series, or e-books, it’s imperative to “Spread the Word.” For each and every conference offering—each keynote, each panel, each intensive session, and each event—spreading the word will be at the forefront.

Program highlights:

Keynotes by Joe Rhode, creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering; Thatcher Wine, founder of Juniper Books; and H. Kevin Miserocchi, executive director at Tee and Charles Addams foundation
Preconference intensive sessions, including “How to Sell TV, Movie, and Foreign Rights” and “Data Speaks: How to Leverage your Sales Track Record to Sell Your Next Book.”
• An extended publisher/head of house roundtable
Sessions on “Libraries and Technology,” “Getting Organized and Being Efficient,” “How Small/Medium Publishers Can Act Like Big Houses and Turn Self-publishing into an Opportunity not a Threat,” “Direct to Consumer Sales,” “The Business of Creativity,” “Resolving Publishing Legal Questions,” and “Royalties: Best Practices”
Peer-to-peer roundtable discussions for sharing ways to prevail in this transforming industry

• Many networking and social opportunities including the PubWest bowling tournament
• “Speedy Spiels,” where selected attendees/speakers have four minutes to share something they’ve
found to be helpful in their publishing experience.
• WeNote, Not Keynote: An Open Discussion about Publishing Challenges in the Marketplace

Don’t miss PUBWEST 2015 and the opportunity to learn, network, and get energized!


PubWest 2015 Conference logo

Full Conference registration details can be found below:

Westin Pasadena is our host hotel. After registering for PubWest 2015, please book your hotel room at the Westin Pasadena.  Call 800- 937-8461 or book on the Westin Pasadena website. Please make sure and request the PubWest block.  The room rate is $139 per night, plus tax for single, or double occupancy, traditional rooms.  Theses rates will be available three days before and three days after the official conference dates.

We look forward to seeing you at the PubWest 2015 Conference!

After you’ve completed your Conference registration, please take a look at suggestions for Travel and Lodging.

PubWest 2015 Conference Seeks Speakers

PubWest 2015 Conference art 320x500px str

PubWest 2015 Conference: Spread the Word

PubWest is planning its 2015 Conference and invites media professionals to submit proposals for presentations.

What topics interest you?

Do you have speakers you’d like to hear from?

Please email ideas, requests, and presentation proposals to

2015 PubWest Conference
February 5-7, 2015
Westin Pasadena
Pasadena, California














PubWest Announces 2014 Book Design Award Winners!

PubWest Book Design Awards logo 2014PubWest, the leading association of small and medium-sized book publishers, has announced the winners of the 2014 Book Design Awards competition. The PubWest Book Design Awards recognizes superior design and outstanding production quality of books, e-books, and book mobile apps in 23 different categories.

The Design Awards winners were judged on typography, jacket/cover design, interior design, format, selection of materials used, and printing and binding production quality.

“Good design sells books and the PubWest Book Design Awards program recognizes those publishers and designers who set an example for us to emulate,” reports PubWest president, Dave Trendler.

The winner of this year’s judge’s choice award is a beautiful book entitled Portraits of American Craftsman from Globe Pequot Press. For the winning the Judge’s Choice Award, the press will receive one free registration to PubWest 2015.

PubWest will commemorate the 2014 Book Design Award winners in a special, limited edition book that will feature the winning covers and design elements. This book will include details of the hard-working staff and freelancers whose unparalleled attention to design helped create these award-winning books. PubWest will work with the publishing media to display ad pages highlighting the winners. Please watch for more details on this in the coming weeks.

Winners will be recognized at the 2015 PubWest Conference to be held February 5 -7, 2015 in Pasadena, California, at the Westin Hotel. Contact PubWest for more information about the 2015 Conference.

PubWest is a non-profit trade organization created to serve the needs of its members and as a forum for the discussion of publishing issues. The Association’s membership ranges from small presses to publishers with worldwide operations. Affiliate members include printers, designers, binderies, and publishing freelancers. Membership is based throughout North America.


Judge’s Choice

Portraits of American Craftsman — Globe Pequot


Adult Trade Book – Illustrated

Portraits of the American Craftsman —  Globe Pequot  (Gold)

Well-Read Women —  Chronicle Books  (Silver)

Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas —  Siglio  (Bronze)


Adult Trade Book Non-illustrated

The Paris Architect —  Sourcebooks   (Gold)

Ice Cream Social —  Berrett-Koehler Publishers  (Silver)

Land of Second Chances —  VeloPress  (Bronze)


Childrens / Young Adult Illustrated

Don’t Push the Button —  Sourcebooks   (Gold)

A Funny Little Bird —  Sourcebooks   (Silver)

Flora and the Flamingo —  Chronicle Books  (Bronze)


Childrens / Young Adult Non-illustrated

Trailing Tennessee —  Craigmore Creations  (Gold)

Scorched —  Sourcebooks   (Silver)


Academic / Non-Trade Book

Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome —  Getty Publications  (Gold)

Carol and John Steinbeck: Portrait of a Marriage —  University of Nevada Press  (Silver)

Mapping Wonderlands —  University of Arizona Press  (Bronze)


Guide / Travel Book

Cockpit Confidential —  Sourcebooks   (Gold)

Not the Met: Exploring the Smaller Museums of Manhattan —  Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.  (Silver)


How To / Crafts Book

Op-Art Socks —  Interweave   (Gold)

50 Yards of Fun —  Martingale  (Silver)

Big-City Bags  —  Martingale  (Bronze)



Feed Zone Portables —  VeloPress  (Gold)

Cowgirl Creamery Cooks —  Chronicle Books  (Silver)

Tasting Colorado: Favorite Recipes from the Centennial State —  Farcountry Press  (Bronze)


Photography Book

Japan’s Modern Divide: The Photographs of Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto

 —  Getty Publications  (Gold)

Native American Ceremonial Dancers —  True North Editions  (Silver)

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine —  The Cooking Lab  (Bronze – Tie)

This is the Day: The March on Washington —  Getty Publications  (Bronze – Tie)


Art Books

Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork —  Insight Editions  (Gold)

The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral —  Getty Publications  (Silver)

Native American Ceremonial Dancers —  True North Editions  (Bronze)


Sports / Fitness / Recreation

Quick Strength for Runners —  VeloPress  (Silver)


Reference Book

The Owner’s Manual for Driving your Adolescent Brain —  Little Pickle Press  (Gold)

Field Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks —  Farcountry Press  (Silver)

Grape Management Third Edition —  University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources  (Bronze)



Bough Down —  Siglio   (Gold)


Gift / Holiday / Specialty Book

Some Japanese Flowers: Photographs by Kazumasa Ogawa —  Getty Publications  (Gold)

Back in the Garden with Dulcy —  Carpe Diem Books  (Silver)

50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome —  Sourcebooks   (Bronze)


Historical Book

John Wayne: The Genuine Article —  Insight Editions  (Gold)

Exploring the Deep: The Titantic Expeditions (Limited Edition) —  Insight Editions  (Silver)

Brewing Arizona  —  University of Arizona Press  (Bronze)


Graphic Album – New Material

Terra Tempo: The Four Corners of Time —  Craigmore Creations  (Gold)


Jacket / Cover Design (Small Format) 

Trout Bum —  Graphic Arts Books  (Gold)

Sunland —  University of Nevada Press  (Silver)

Peace of Mind: Becoming Fully Present —  Parallax Press  (Bronze)


Jacket / Cover Design – Large Format

The Adventures of Ibn Opcit —  Red Hen Press  (Gold)

Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp —  Caxton Press  (Silver)

Marion Nicoll: Silence and Alchemy —  University of Calgary Press  (Bronze)


Special Edition

Exploring the Deep: The Titantic Expeditions (Limited Edition) —  Insight Editions  (Gold)

Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities: Limited Edition —  Insight Editions  (Silver)

DAG Volumes: No 2 (2013) —  Dunlop Art Gallery  (Bronze)


E-Book Standard

The Sexy Vegan’s Guide to Happy Hour at Home —  New World Library  (Bronze)


Enhanced E-book

Moby Dick: A Baby Lit Ocean Primer —  KiteReaders (SachManya Inc.)   (Gold)

Steam Train Dream Train —  Chronicle Books  (Silver)


Book Apps

Psychometry —  Carol Golemboski Ltd.  (Gold)

Modernist Cuisine at Home —  The Cooking Lab  (Silver)

Meet the PUB501 Summer Sessions Presenters

PubWest PUB501 Summer Sessions logo 72dpi 400phThe book publishing industry offers few affordable ways for professionals to acquire new skills: on the job, from a mentor, and PubWest.

Now PubWest is proud to offer PUB501 Summer Sessions, a new professional development mini-Conference for staff with 1-5 years of publishing experience. PUB501 alum will conclude the Summer Sessions more knowledgeable and more valuable to their publisher employers, returning to the office with specific new skills and techniques they can apply every day to make and sell better books.

Here is more information about the PUB501 Presenters for Denver:



A panel of publishing professionals will provide overviews of their areas of expertise, giving you the chance to learn how processes and protocols intersect, and how they may differ from house to house. Each presentation will be followed by Q&A. Subjects covered include:

Acquisitions: contracts and royalties, working with authors and agents, foreign rights, developmental editing, production scheduling
Presented by: Sarah Stanton

Production/Design: processes for copyediting, proofreading, design and layout for print and ebooks, print buying, images and content management
Presented by: Brenda Hadenfeldt, Haley Berry

Sales/Marketing: presales, metadata, sales collateral for trade shows and conferences, tipsheets, Edelweiss, advertising and publicity, including social media and author events
Presented by: Steve Koenig

Finance/Administration: profit/loss statements, HR and staffing issues, remainders, trademark and copyrights, vendor relations
Presented by: Bryce Mortimer, Lyle Mortimer

Lunch Session: So How Does It All Work, Anyway?
A Printer Tour Hosted by Dave Raymond


Acquisitions: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
How do publishers make the right choices, at least most of the time? Or do they? What factors should you consider in contracting a book? This panel will review real-life case studies of titles that have succeeded, and titles that have failed. You’ll learn that even the words “success” and “failure” vary from book to book, and that one set of parameters doesn’t necessarily apply for all the titles in one list. Then, the class will decide on whether to acquire book titles presented by the panel by considering production costs, author remuneration, market interest, subrights, and more. Presented by: Rick Rinehart, Connie Shaw

Design/Production: Looking Good
Design and editorial staff attending this session will be required to bring a project they’ve completed or one that is in progress for discussion by the group. All areas of each project can be considered, including working with authors and art directors, subjective editorial decisions, challenges with designs, editor/designer workflow, and project file management. Led by a two-person panel—a designer and an editor—the entire process of creating a book is up for investigation. Presented by: Michael Greer, Rebekah Finkel

Sales/Marketing: Content Marketing: Book Publishing and a Coherent Approach to Social Media
Random tweeting doesn’t sell books. During this intensive, you will learn how to design and implement a coherent content marketing campaign that coordinates social media, increases web traffic, and boosts sales. Exploring real-life campaigns, traffic, and sales data, you will connect GoDaddy, Google Keyword Tool, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Analytics, WordPress Statistics, Nielsen BookScan, and e-book sales to develop a social media campaign and measure its performance. You’ll leave the session with the tools and a plan to improve on random tweeting. Presented by: Dave Trendler

Make-A-Book: Ready to produce a book from start to finish? Now’s your chance. The class will be divided into small “publishing companies,” each of which will tackle the same timeline of tasks, from author proposal, through contracting, production, marketing, sales, and subrights. Bring your laptop: materials will be supplied on flash drives. PubWest staff will mentor each group, and at the close of the session, we’ll assess each company’s confidence in producing a successful title. Presented by: Connie Shaw, Kalen Landow, Kent Watson
Sarah Stanton is Senior Acquisitions Editor at Rowman & Littlefield. A graduate of Swarthmore College and the Denver Publishing Institute, Sarah has lived in cities from Beijing to Boulder.

Haley Berry is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and the Denver Publishing Institute. She has 10 years of publishing experience in various roles, mainly involving a combination of editing, project management, and print buying. Haley is currently a project editor at VeloPress in Boulder, Colorado.

Brenda Hadenfeldt is a freelance editor with twenty years of experience in book development, editing, and acquisitions, for works ranging from college textbooks to cowboy poetry. A former in-house acquisitions editor, she provides content development and strategy, as well as all levels of editing, for a wide variety of publishers. She has edited digital and print projects, user-tested and proofread apps, and worked on teams to simultaneously develop content, design, and interactive features for graphics-oriented textbooks. Brenda is based in Lafayette, Colorado.

Stephen Koenig is Vice President of eCommerce at HarperCollins Christian Publishing. He got his start in in the publishing business working in independent bookstores before stints as North American Sales Director for F+W Media and Senior Vice President & Publisher at Interweave. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife, three sons, and their books.

Dave Raymond has been in book manufacturing since 1972. He has 20 years of experience working on the production side of things and 22 years of experience working on the customer service and sales side of book manufacturing. Dave is currently the regional sales manager at Thomson-Shore where he has been an employee-owner since 1995. He has been on many book industry panels on both the production side and the sales side of the business.

Connie Shaw is the publisher at Sentient Publications in Boulder, Colorado, which focuses on books with fresh perspectives on holistic health, transformative spirituality, alternative education, and ecology. She is also co-author of The Tao of Walt Whitman, and a former PubWest board member. Prior to founding Sentient, she produced publications for hi-tech companies. She is currently embarking on a new venture, an online magazine:

Frederick R. (“Rick”) Rinehart currently manages the various trade imprints of the Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group: Taylor Trade Publishing, Gulf Publishing, M. Evans Publishers, Cooper Square Press, Derrydale Press, Diamond Communications, Republic of Texas Press, and Roberts Rinehart Publishers. In addition to supervising field editors, he is responsible for the trade division’s budget and overall publishing program, and helps coordinate sales and marketing through its sister company, National Book Network. He also acquires over 50 titles a year in the categories of natural history, history, travel, photography, memoir, business, gardening, and sports.

Michael Greer is a senior development editor at Pearson and an instructor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. In his 20 years in educational publishing, Michael has worked in just about every editorial role available: production, acquisitions, and development. At UALR, Michael teaches online courses in the graduate program in professional and technical writing, including Publishing Inside Out, a course that takes students through the publishing process from beginning to end. In August 2014, he’ll launch a new course, The Technology of the Book: Past, Present, and Future.

Rebecca Finkel graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in graphic design and started her career in design studios and publishing houses of New York. Creating her own studio, F + P Graphic Design, she moved to Colorado to set up shop. Rebecca has been recognized nationally and regionally for award-winning design projects. She regularly lectures at University Denver Publishing Institute. She lives with her husband in Fort Collins, Colorado with their two daughters.

Kent Watson just celebrated his 22nd year in publishing. He has worked for such notable companies as the Tattered Cover Bookstore, Ingram Periodicals, Houghton Mifflin, and Timber Press. He is currently the executive director of PubWest, an adjunct professor at Portland State University teaching the Business of Book Publishing, and a book marketing consultant.

Registration is now open for the PUB501 Summer Sessions!

  • Registration for PubWest members is $155, non-members $195.
  • 50% of your PUB501 registration fee will be deducted from registration for the PubWest 2015 Conference in Pasadena, California February 5-7, 2015.
  • Non-member registration includes a free one-year Individual Membership for first-time members that grants access to member discounts and benefits, networking events, webinars, Booklores, and the member rate for the 2015 PubWest Conference.

Colorado PUB501
June 19-20
University of Denver


PubWest Pub501 Summer Sessions Flyer thumbnail Download a two-page PDF flyer that includes the PUB501 Summer Sessions programming schedule.

Why I’m Sending My Staff to PUB501

by Bill Fessler, American Traveler Press

Last year, PubWest made a bold move to shift our annual conference from November to February. There were lots of powerful reasons we did this. Sure, finances played a part in it, but we were primarily motivated by the opportunity to move away from the crazy September-October-November schedules most publishing houses find themselves in, especially those who have distributor meetings taking place during that time. So, when Tools of Change was discontinued and February opened up, we grabbed it — and are planning to make it ours. The PubWest Conference and February will become synonymous. The same great conference you (and everyone else) loved, now in February, and often somewhere warm!

But what about the rest of the year?

Between Frankfurt, London, BEA, regional trade shows, distributor conferences, and the craziness surrounding end-of-year sales, we found little time available for PubWest to better serve members. But–look! Smack in the middle of the year, we saw June just sitting there, ripe for an education program. It’s early in the summer, the calm “eye of the hurricane” that is the publishing year. By June, the winter and spring trade shows have ended, and it’s not quite time to ramp up for the fall meetings and book launches. You, the boss, should see this as a great time to invest in your staff. And the PubWest PUB501 Summer Sessions are the perfect opportunity to do that.

What does PUB501 offer?

Well, it’s a chance to elevate your staff’s understanding of one another. While you may be off and running from one trade show to the next or meeting with the big distributors or chain store buyers, your staff has been sitting at their desks most of the year, doing the same thing over and over again…

  • Sure the marketing person knows where the editor sits, and maybe the finance department enjoys their control over the money that will be spent on this year’s catalogs, but do they understand what the other people in the office really do?
  • What decisions do they make that have an effect on the book’s outcome?
  • Does the designer realize that the photographer has a fixed-rate contract for the book, and that might affect how many images this book should have?
  • Does accounting know how much four-color artwork really costs, and what effect a black and white catalog will have on sales?
  • Marketing knows editing is an important part of the process, but do they really understand editing — and why it seems to take so long?

Send them to PUB501, an opportunity to learn each other’s skills and decisions. They’ve been working in their own little fiefdom for a few years, they need a better understanding of what the other departments have to accomplish.

PUB501 isn’t going to create cover designers out of your marketing personnel, nor an editor from your acquisitions team, but they will come home with a much greater appreciation for what happens in the process of making a successful book. They should come back to the office and be more in tune with each other’s jobs, more appreciative of the decisions made by others, and more willing to work with one another on future projects.

In other words, they will produce better (and better selling!) books.

PUB501 will be June 19-20 in Denver and June 26-27 in Portland. Each city will share the same course, just on different dates, drawing from the experienced PubWest volunteers who also produce each PubWest Conference. Split up your employees and send some to Colorado, the rest to Oregon. Use PUB501 to create a better team.

Visit the PUB501 page for details, costs, and learn how it will make your February trip to Pasadena cost less, too.

We can’t wait to meet your crew!

Bill Fessler
Publisher, American Traveler Press



PubWest Opens Peer-to-Peer Free Trial Membership Program to All Publisher Members

Dear PubWest Publishers,

It’s an exciting year for PubWest, what with the brand new PUB501 Summer Sessions, our scheduling shift to February 2015 for our annual conference, and our new spiffy-looking website and weekly e-newsletter.

What hasn’t changed is exciting, too: we still offer great benefits to members, and one of the BEST is the Peer-to-Peer Membership Offer.

I’d love to see our membership grow like never before this year. It seems to me that given the continuing monumental changes in the industry, PubWest has the mandate to substantially increase the networking opportunities we’re known for.

If each PubWest Publisher member could invite one publisher—not now a member, and not previously a member—to join PubWest for one year at no cost, we’ll be busting at our metaphorical seams. Let’s get as many voices involved as possible. Let’s make the PUB501 Summer Sessions and the 2015 PubWest Conference the best-attended ever. Let’s make the publisher phone-in roundtables the talk of the industry. Let’s add more diversity to our membership to include more publishers of fiction, nonfiction, narrative, illustrated books, children’s books, value-added ebooks, and niche-market titles.

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Kent Watson. Otherwise, onward and upward!

All best,

Katie Burke
Vice President of the PubWest Board of Directors