Member Testimonials

“The PubWest Design Awards brought us a foreign language right sale! Our international publishing partners care about design and one approached us about a particular title because they saw it had won an award from PubWest’s Book Design Awards contest.”

Dave Trendler
Director of Sales and Marketing

“PubWest has stayed on top of the changing times since I joined over 20 years ago. PubWest is a national association that provides a front row seat to the transformational changes in the book publishing industry. This organization is a must for everyone serious about a career in book publishing whether your interest is editorial, design, production, sales, marketing, finance or management. I wholeheartedly recommend becoming a member of PubWest.”

Douglas Pfeiffer
Former Publishing Director of Graphic Arts Books
PubWest Board of Directors President (2004–2006)

“I’ve been working with PubWest, and attending a number of their annual conferences, since the late 90s. It has been, without fail, the most productive and rewarding time I’ve spent which is specifically devoted to the rapidly changing and ever challenging world of independent publishers. I’ve made lifelong contacts and business relationships that have proven time and again to increase sales, enhance workflows, empower marketing efforts, rein in production costs and drive profits to the bottom line. Not to also mention that I’ve met and sat around the table with some very remarkable, compassionate and forthright people that are open and willing to share their accumulated wisdom as well as lend an able hand.

PubWest is devoted to fostering the wellbeing and ongoing success of independent publishers everywhere, not just west of the Rockies. I want to be sure that that mission is no longer a secret and that independent publishers throughout North America will discover the distinct advantage that membership in PubWest affords for publishers and their staff. If one only accounted for all of membership benefits and industry discounts membership provides, you’d quickly discover that is really just the tip of the iceberg. It is, after all, the many outstanding people you will meet and get to know, and the hard-won expertise and wisdom they have accumulated over their years in publishing. It is this body of knowledge which they are so willing to clearly depict and dispense, that provides an unique backdrop which publishers can leverage to distinct advantage as they move forward in the burgeoning digital domain and the resurgent world of print books.”

James Connolly
Council Oak Books, San Francisco

“The other testimonials I’ve read about PubWest tend to focus on the annual conference, which is admittedly fantastic. But I want to take a moment to talk about the PubWest Book Design Awards. These awards have been running for more than 30 years. The PubWest Book Design Awards recognize superior design and outstanding production quality of books throughout North America. For many years, Ooligan Press prided itself on the design of its books, but it wasn’t until we discovered the PubWest Book Design Awards that we found an outlet that recognizes this particular type of accomplishment. After all, book reviewers rarely mention our utterly fabulous cover designs! Since then, Ooligan Press books have been awarded 2 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze awards. We’ve been able to leverage these awards in order to gain other forms of media attention. All in all, our experience with the PubWest Book Design Awards has been nothing short of wonderful.”

Per Henningsgaard
Director of Publishing
Ooligan Press

“I’ve managed to attend several PubWest conferences and recommend them highly to publishers whether smaller independents to medium-sized companies. The mix of PubWest members skews towards successful publishers with continuing founder oversight. If the founder is not active in operations, at least they continue involvement.

I was able to compare printer pricing with publishers of about the same size and found to my surprise that I was overpaying on printing. This alone was a considerable savings that made the trip worthwhile. Publishers who use the same software we do, who are willing to share vendors and freelancer and other info are invaluable. More than just dollar savings, it has been nice to make several good friends and meet many other colleagues. Publishing is oriented far too much to the trendy coast markets of NY and LA—PubWest is especially helpful if you publish outside those areas. The workshops are some of the best I have attended at any publishing conferences.”

Alan Giagnocavo
President and Publisher
Fox Chapel Publishing

“As a relatively new small press, the community of PubWest has been invaluable. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and willing to share what they know and what they’ve learned. Best of all, I’ve made good friends I can count on for support and encouragement. I’ve also taken advantage of the benefits and discounts provided through PubWest and have found better distribution and a great talent pool of designers thanks to all the networking opportunities. PubWest has been critical to our success!”

Caleb Seeling
Conundrum Press

“As a small-scale publisher with limited resources, I have to be very selective as to the conferences I attend. I’ve now been to two consecutive PubWest conferences, and each time I came away incredibly energized with new ideas. The chance to hear other publishers share, in open and candid forums, the strategies that have worked for them (and not worked so well) has enabled me to adapt those lessons learned to my own publishing initiatives. Following the last conference, I applied other publishers’ perspectives to our most recent book, particularly our presales strategies for it; as a result, it’s already our most successful title in more than ten years.  And with conference settings like Pasadena and Santa Fe, it’s hard to go wrong!”

Steve Grinstead
Managing Editor
History Colorado