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June 8, 2016

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PubWest Announces 2016 Book Design Award Winners

Lake Oswego, Oregon—PubWest, the leading association of small and medium-sized book publishers, has announced the winners of the 2016 Book Design Awards competition. The PubWest Book Design Awards recognize superior design and outstanding production quality of books, e-books and book mobile apps in 23 categories, as well as an overall Judges’ Choice Award selected from among the winners in each of those categories.

The Design Awards winners were judged on typography, jacket and cover design, interior design, format, selection of materials used, and printing and binding production quality.

PubWest president Zoe Katherine Burke lauds the winners and says that “the art of the book is vitally important. Through appropriate binding and paper choices, graceful layout, and elegant, appropriate typography, words and images impact the reader in subtle but significant ways. Reading becomes pleasurable to the eye as well as the mind; photographs and artworks become places for sustained reflection.”

The winner of this year’s Judges’ Choice Award is Eatymology, a beautifully designed, humorous guide to modern food culture from Sourcebooks. For winning the Judges’ Choice Award, Sourcebooks will receive one free registration to PubWest 2017.

Winners will also be recognized at the 2017 PubWest Conference to be held February 9-11 in Portland, Oregon at the Benson Hotel. Contact PubWest for more information about the 2017 conference.

PubWest is a not-for-profit trade organization created to serve the needs of its members and as a forum for the discussion of publishing issues. The association’s membership ranges from small independent presses to publishers with worldwide operations. Affiliate members include printers, designers, binderies and publishing freelancers. Membership is based throughout North America.

Judges’ Choice

  • Eatymology — Sourcebooks
    • Production Managers: John Donnelly and Kelly Lawler
    • Designers: Adrienne Krogh, Brittany Vibbert, and Jillian Rahn
    • Printer: Versa Press

Adult Trade Book, Illustrated

  • Gold: Irby Brown: Southwest Landscape Paintings— University of New Mexico Press
    • Production Manager: Lisa Tremaine
    • Designer: Catherine Leonardo
    • Printer: Oceanic Graphic International
  • Silver: Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running — VeloPress
    • Production Manager: Connie Oehring
    • Designers: Vicki Hopewell and Erin Farrell
    • Printer: Edwards Brothers Malloy
  • Bronze: Garo Z. Antreasian: Reflections on Life and Art — University of New Mexico Press
    • Production Manager: Lisa Tremaine
    • Designer: Lisa Tremaine
    • Printer: Everbest

Adult Trade Book, Non-Illustrated

Children’s / Young Adult Book, Illustrated

Children’s / Young Adult Book, Non-Illustrated

  • Bronze: Until We Meet Again — Sourcebooks
    • Production Managers: John Donnelly and Kelly Lawler
    • Designers: Nicole Komasinski and Jillian Rahn
    • Printer: Worzalla Printing

Academic or Non-Trade Book

  • Gold: Household Gods: Private Devotion in Ancient Greece — Getty Publications
    • Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Chapin Kahn
    • Designer: Kurt Hauser
  • Silver: A Kingdom of Images: French Prints in the Age of— Getty Publications
    • Production Coordinator: Suzanne Watson
    • Designer: Jeffrey Cohen
  • Bronze: The Lean Farm — Chelsea Green Publishing
    • Production Manager: Bill Bokermann
    • Designer: Melissa Jacobson
    • Printer: Quad Graphics, Inc.

Guide or Travel Book

  • Gold: The Field Guide to Drinking in America — Overcup Press
    • Production Manager: Patrick McDonald
    • Designer: Cole Gerst
    • Printer: Four Colour Print Group
  • Silver: The J. Paul Getty Handbook of the Collection — Getty Publications
    • Production Manager: Suzanne Watson
    • Designer: Jeffrey Cohn
    • Printer: WKT (Wing King Tong, Hong Kong, China)
  • Bronze: North American Hummingbirds: An Identification Guide — University of New Mexico Press
    • Production Manager: Lisa Tremaine
    • Designer: Catherine Leonardo
    • Printer: Imago , Inc.

How To or Craft Book

  • Gold: Sew Adorkable — C&T Publishing
    • Production Manager: Freesia Pearson Blizard
    • Designer: Kristy Zacharias
    • Printer: Regent Publishing Services
  • Silver: The Amazing Stitching Handbook for Kids — C&T Publishing
    • Production Manager: Jenny Davis
    • Designers: Kristy Zacharias and April Mostek
    • Printer: Four Colour Imports, Ltd.
  • Bronze:  Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion — C&T Publishing
    • Production Manager: Rue Flaherty
    • Designer: Kristy Zacharias
    • Bindery: Regent Publishing Services


  • Gold: 75 Homemade Dressings — Gibbs Smith
    • Production Manager: Marty Lee
    • Designers: Nate Padavick
    • Printer: Crash Paper Co. (China) Tom Hummel
  • Silver: Le French Oven — Gibbs Smith
    • Production Manager: Marty Lee
    • Designer: Sheryl Dickert
    • Printer: Toppan (HK) Tom Hummel
  • Bronze: Not Food for Old Men: Baja California — SIME Books
    • Production Manager: Jenny Biffis
    • Designer: WHAT! Design

Photography Book

Art Book

Sports, Fitness, or Recreation Book

Reference Book

Short Stories, Poetry, or Anthology

  • Gold: Clearing the Ground: C.P. Cavafy, Poetry and Prose, 1902-1911— Laertes, a Press for Literary Translation, Inc.
    • Production Managers: Maxine Mills and Nina Kamberos
    • Designer: Maxine Mills Graphic Design
    • Printer: Thomson-Shore

Gift, Holiday, or Specialty Book

  • Gold: Ice Cream Work — Overcup Press
    • Production Manager: Alan Dubinsky
    • Designer: Alan Dubinsky
    • Printer: Four Colour Print Group
  • Silver: McAllister Towing:  150 Years of Family Business — Carpe Diem Books
    • Production Manager: Richard Owsiany
    • Designer: Don Besom
    • Printer: Hing Yip Printing Co. Ltd.
  • Bronze: Mr. Darcy’s Night Before Christmas — Gibbs Smith
    • Production Manager: Marty Lee
    • Designer: Sheryl Dickert
    • Printer: Toppan (HK) Tom Hummel

Historical or Biographical Book

  • Gold: Old Magic: Lives of the Desert Shamans — Sunbelt Publications
    • Production Manager: Deborah Young
    • Designer: Lydia D’moch
  • Silver: The View from the Future — KRD, LLC.
    • Production Manager: Dick Owsiany, RLO Media Productions
    • Designer: Kelley Dodd
    • Printer: Hing Yip Printing
  • Bronze: From the Rear View Mirror: The ASL Paving Story — Indie Ink Publishing
    • Production Manager: Suzanne Paschall
    • Designer: Terry Corrigan, Relish Design
    • Printer: Friesens Corporation (Altona, Manitoba)

Graphic Album, New Material

  • Gold: Junction True — Top Shelf Productions, an imprint of IDW
    • Production Managers: Chris Staros, Chris Ross, and Veronica Haas
    • Designer: Chris Ross
    • Printer: Asia Pacific Offset

Graphic Album, Previously Published Material

Jacket / Cover Design, Small Format

  • Gold: Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit — Chelsea Green Publishing
    • Production Manager: Bill Bokermann
    • Designer: Kimberly Glyder
    • Printer: Maple Press
  • Silver: Wilderness Essays — Gibbs Smith
    • Production Manager: Marty Lee
    • Designer: Seth Lucas
    • Printer: Bang Printing (Minnesota) Phil Wagner
  • Bronze: Flunked — Sourcebooks
    • Production Managers: John Donnelly and Kelly Lawler
    • Designers: Adrienne Krogh and William Riley
    • Printer: Worzalla Printing

Jacket / Cover Design, Large Format

Special Edition

E-Book, Fixed Layout

  • Gold: The Joy of Mom — Sourcebooks
    • Production Manager: Jessica Zulli
    • Designer: Lynn Harker

E-Book, Standard

  • Gold: A Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius — Sourcebooks
    • Production Manager: Jessica Zulli
    • Designer: Jillian Rahn
  • Silver: The Best Canyonlands National Park Hikes —  Colorado Mountain Club Press
    • Designer: Rebecca Finkel, F + P Graphic Design

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